Something that isn’t new to me always hurts the same. Well doesn’t really hurt, but there’s always that feeling of disappointment. I kind of know that like I’m putting myself in these situations by not being straightforward about things, but hey, what else can you do. I guess this is a lesson well learned, well the 2nd time is always the best to learn something. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. So definitely something I learned that I should apply for future reference. Lol. GG

sitting here tryna think of something corny to say about you.

but them im like wow i sound so corny. so im like whatever.

straight up, i like you. 


Wait For You | Gowe ft. Sam Ock

“I would ask God did you craft her? Cause the heartbeats what I’m after I could feel love in this chapter could she see herself with a rapper? But I’m so much more than a rapper I’m a protector and a poet. My heart strings are devoted each show but I close it. Each note by the beat tone is a veto that I see no repo of what he wrote, resold but I revoke.

everyday is a new opportunity for me to learn more about you

and every new thing i learn im never dissapointed

My Favorite Accident (Acoustic)



My Favorite Accident (Acoustic) by Motion City Soundtrack.

“You said we were an accident. With accidents you’ll never know what could have been.
So we were an accident. You’ll always be my favorite one. You hit the road and left me an ocean. I can’t swim in the silence of your skin - skin, please let me in. Side the times we never had right. Inside two years alone with you.”

The acoustic version is like a whole different song to me. It gives it a whole new meaning.

a favorite by them, and this version is just unbeatable.